Repsol has adhered to the "Circular Plastics Alliance", an initiative launched by the European Commission on December 11, 2018 Read more

Repsol and Saica Natur have signed a new collaboration agreement in order to maximise the use of low density polyethylene film (LDPE) waste and take a new step in the transition towards a circular economy. Read more

Repsol has signed a new technological and supply alliance with PEP Licensing Limited, an innovative company in the development of new enzymatic applications. Read more

Repsol has organised at its headquarters in Madrid a conference on “Food Safety in Packaging". Read more

Repsol continues to successfully market its Repsol Resistex® mLLDPE range. The new plant, started up in 2016 in Repsol’s industrial complex in Tarragona, is now operating at full capacity. Read more

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