Prominent industry figures have reacted to the recent news that UK supermarkets used 903,000 tonnes of plastic packaging in 2018 Read more

On March 27th, the European Parliament approved the Single-Use Plastics directive. Packaging Europe has gathered reactions from various industry associations. Read more

IPL Plastics Ltd is launching two new sizes of containers for the food industry that are both tamper evident and IML capable, for products such as soup, sauce, dips and gravy in the UK and Europe. Read more

In the efforts to end the leakage of plastics into the environment it is important to analyse the root causes of the problem rather than working on the symptoms, argues Patricia Vangheluwe of PlasticsEurope. Read more

On the backdrop of blanket calls for elimination of plastics, major packaging industry stakeholders have reacted positively to the European Commission’s holistic strategy, released yesterday, for integration of polymers into the Circular Economy. Read more

PlasticsEurope has launched an initiative to promote innovative recycling solutions for Polystyrene, in a push to support the European Union’s circular economy plan. Read more

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