Flexibles are elbowing rigid packaging off the shelf. Paul Wilkinson of Pacepacker Services explores the growth in films for food, the challenges, and the many ways in which robotics and intelligent automation can contribute to their success more

20 Nov 2017 14:43

With food and bulk factories reliant on secondary packing and palletising machine uptime to meet delivery schedules and fulfil retailer contracts, Pacepacker Services is demonstrating its latest time and resource saving weapon, Pallet+. more

27 Sep 2017 09:27

Production and packing lines will stop working for any number of reasons, but the default assumption will often be that a robotic malfunction is to blame. more

4 Aug 2017 14:56

Upgrading an automated bagging line has led to one of the UK’s leading animal feedstuffs manufacturer, I’Anson Bros Ltd, achieving a 15% increase in output. more

12 May 2017 07:56

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