Dr Tim Foreman, European R & D Manager, Omron Industrial Automation, highlights 3 key issues that are involved in implementing AI; how it can improve processes and production, and if cloud or edge computing should be implemented. Read more

Elisabeth Skoda looks at the ways in which Industry 4.0 and smart solutions have helped companies become more energy efficient and keep track of what happens at their production sites. Read more

Omron Corp. has announced the global launch of the TM series collaborative robot family to realize an innovative manufacturing environment where humans and machines work in harmony. Read more

Omron Corporation has announced the global release of its new FHV7-series Smart Camera combined with illumination and image processing functionality for advanced vision inspections. Read more

At ALL4PACK in Paris (26-29 November), Omron Industrial Automation will showcase fully simulated flexible production environments. Read more

Highlights this week focus on Schreiner MediPharm’s smart blister pack, Quorn™ eliminating black plastic trays and Omron introducing new technology to optimise Industry 4.0 flexible manufacturing. Read more

Flexible production to address current and future needs of consumers receives much attention from the manufacturing industry that has embraced Industrie 4.0. The days of rigid production environments are numbered. Read more

Dan Rossek, Marketing Manager Omron UK, talks about different ways of integrating Industry 4.0 in packaging lines and the benefits this could bring. Read more

Omron and Teknologisk Institut have organized two seminars in Denmark on product recalls. The seminars will be held on 11 January 2018 in Aarhus and 16 January 2018 in Taastrup. Read more

The Nordic Automation Center enables Omron to support its role as leader in technology and automation. Read more

At this year’s EuroPack / CFIA event, visitors will discover how they can lower total cost of ownership and maximize productivity using Omron’s complete robotics and automation system solutions. Read more

Tim Sykes caught up with Brillopak director David Jahn to discuss a looming labour crisis and Brillopak’s efforts to provide timely solutions such as the Meteor fresh produce punnet loading line and Unipick P160 high speed case and crate packer. Read more

At the PPMA Show Omron has demonstrated its revolutionary new OKAO facial recognition and gesture control technology for machine access and control. Read more

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