Supply chains have become increasingly complex in recent years. Elisabeth Skoda questions how innovation in packaging technology, digitalisation and industry 4.0 can support an efficient supply chain. Read more

Today's grocery and food service operators expect suppliers to offer seamless end-to-end traceability. They also expect manufacturers to facilitate their goals of improving profitability through greater automation, particularly when splitting pallets Read more

Markem-Imaje releases six Packaging Intelligence solutions which it says can help manufacturers digitalize their supply chains more easily and cost-effectively. Read more

Markem-Imaje launches laser printer designed to save capital and operating expenditures by reducing number of lasers needed to print and score across a wide film web while increasing coding speed and uptime. Read more

Last year saw great strides in the construction of a circular economy in plastics, mapping out how to marry design for recycling with a viable market for PCR. But some suggest that even universal recycling of plastics would be no panacea. Read more

Multi-application possibilities, accuracy and throughput: a new solution for the beverage sector. This is what Markem-Imaje proposed at IPACK-IMA, highlighting integration and data management. Read more

An inkjet printer customised for egg production and capable of coding over 250,000 eggs per hour on an eight-track grading machine is launched by Markem-Imaje. Read more

Joint engineering and commercial initiative from Markem-Imaje and Cognex will develop a more advanced and integrated solution for manufacturers to ensure the accuracy of coding on their packages. Read more

The word ‘craft’ may conjure up images of small-scale hobbyists, but when it comes to craft brewing, its devotees mean business – and printing solutions are playing a big role, according to Mark Rapposelli, VP of marketing at Markem-Imaje. Read more

A white paper released today from Markem-Imaje describes the drivers behind a building momentum in North America and Europe for the adoption of GS1-128 barcodes as the ubiquitous standard within retail and foodservice packaging. Read more

Thermal transfer overprinter coder delivers top quality flexible film printing with high uptime and lower cost through greater modularity in terms of features, hardware and setup. Read more

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