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Libby White talked to five of the top creative agencies about the key drivers in packaging design at the moment. Designers from Anthem, Biles Hendry, Parker Williams, Marks Group and Equator Design share their observations. more

Across British media reports there has been a sea of blinkered positive coverage hailing the government’s plans to introduce a deposit return scheme, designed to “crack down on plastic pollution”. Libby White takes a closer look at industry responses more

Ethicality, efficiency, and sustainability culpability is often pointed down towards the root of the packaging supply chain. Packaging Europe takes a focussed look at the pulp and paper industry with a visit to a key player on the global market, APP. more

Craftmanship, sustainability, and flexibility are key drivers in the personal care industry - observes Libby White from ADF PCD in Paris, where hundreds of innovations were showcased by over 500 exhibitors to 7,224 attending professionals. more

Arco Berkenbosch, Smurfit Kappa’s VP, Innovation and Development, speaks to Libby White and Tim Sykes about the importance of factoring in realistic end-of-life scenarios when designing packaging for sustainability. more


The Museum of Brands opened a new display to the public on Thursday 22nd February 2018, Pack the Future, focussing on the topic of sustainable packaging. more

Pont Packaging has launched an innovative new infusion cap system which adds a subtle design twist to the packaging and presentation of bottled sports nutrition products such as energy drinks and supplements more

GSK shares behind the scenes of a major project with Packaging Europe, the largest venture in GSK CH for 2014-15 which saw a switch from Rx to Cx for the nasal spray product Flonase. more

Stand-up pouches are one of the fastest growing pack types. In 2014 Schönwald estimated that in 2018 in Europe almost 45 billion stand-up pouches would be used… This mark was exceeded in 2017 more

Stimulating the wider packaging recycling debate. more


A story of how a simple change in deep-rooted packaging design can open a plethora of possibilities. more

The digitisation of supply chains can be essential to support smart packaging technologies and innovations, and to enable connections to online and social media. Udo Panenka, president of Esko, talks to Libby White at the AIP World Congress 2017. more

Our new star commentator Richard Askam (digital print guru, speaker, writer and broadcaster) will be writing a regular, exclusive column for Packaging Europe magazine from our next edition, which hits the desks in January 2018. more


Packaging Europe was given special access to film the company’s state-of-the-art and impressive facility and headquarters based in Waalwijk, The Netherlands, which outlines Airopack’s status as a forward-thinking company. more

Quint Kelders, CEO (and lead motivator), and Sandy Goes, marketing and communications manager, discuss the accomplishment of the new facilities, which will support the company on the cusp of further major expansion. more

Better barriers cut food waste; thinner substrates translate to material and energy reductions. However, the two objectives are often in tension. Tim Sykes and Libby White explore the technological strategies and trade-offs involved in balancing them more


Adhesive solutions and applicators are innovating to meet exacting requirements, functionalities and performance, while keeping in mind environmental impacts. more

The fast-paced printing industry is influenced and progressed by technological developments in surrounding domains. more

Many consider the Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign in 2013 a watershed moment in branding, bringing the versatility of digital print into the mainstream. But when will mass customisation give way to a new era of personalisation? more

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The Xerox digital print live! event held in Hever, UK, on 19th October 2017 demonstrated how digital print can support and accelerate start-ups such as in the extremely competitive chocolate sector within the food industry. more

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