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CADAL DEINKING, a finalist in the 'Driving the circular economy' category for its delamination and deinking of plastic surfaces process discusses its solution ahead of the Sustainability Awards 2019. Read more

The countdown is on for the live Sustainability Awards 2019 ceremony! We hear more from Ardagh Group about its comprehensive sustainability strategy Read more

Matteo Cardinotti, managing director Bobst Firenze, discusses their revolutionary concept in inking technology, which has massive implications for ink waste reduction. Read more

Melodea Ltd, based in Israel, is a finalist in the the ‘bio-based’ category for its barrier solutions based on Cellulose NanoCrystals. Galia Greenbaum, business development manager tells us more. Read more

Today Gian De Belder, packaging technologist, Procter and Gamble, and project leader of the HolyGrail project (finalist in the 'Driving the circular economy' category), discusses how collaboration is key to solving sustainability challenges. Read more

The countdown is on for the live Sustainability Awards 2019 ceremony, where we will unveil the worthy winners of the most prestigious sustainability competition for packaging innovation. Read more

The countdown is on for the live Sustainability Awards 2019 ceremony. In anticipation, we explore the 25 standout solutions that made it to the finals, handpicked by our independent, expert judging panel. Read more

Olaf Clemens, owner and CEO of SN Maschinenbau, is the first to step into the hot seat of the new Packaging Europe Rapid Interview, where we pose fundamental questions to uncover often surprising answers. Read more

Leading machinery builders and providers for the packaging industry are implementing AR glasses for customer remote assistance. Libby White caught up with three key players on the market BOBST, Marchesini and Norden to discover how, and why. Read more

The scope of augmented reality is being explored by inquisitive minds in the industry, dedicating time and effort to research and accrue knowledge of the most valuable ways AR can be applied to the packaging sector. Read more

Watch to discover all about the highest rated of this year’s entries, which will now compete for the coveted trophies at the Sustainability Awards ceremony at FachPack on 25th September. Read more

Rob Hollands, managing director, UK, Anthem Worldwide creative agency, shares insights into augmented reality from a design perspective. Read more

Smartphone users are gradually becoming familiarised with augmented reality, a readily available technology on the devices that we all carry as extensions of ourselves every day. What does this have to do with the packaging industry though? Read more

Rising up to address escalating concerns, key industry players in the packaging sphere aim to fill in the vast gaps - just one crucial sector of the UK’s industry that may be greatly affected by this risk-filled strategy. Read more

We will explore augmented reality within the next edition of our magazine - with comment from across the packaging industry, whilst also bringing the very pages of the magazine to life with AR experiences! Read more

Managing production data, supported by fast-paced innovation, addresses the need to gain control of a more connected value chain and streamline fully integrated factories. Read more

A strong magnifying lens has been focused on the sustainability of materials, plastics generally being placed at the epicentre of debate and blame. But what about aluminium? Read more

Libby White talks to Susie Ma, founder of Tropic Skincare, a beauty brand which has recently launched its products with a fresh approach in refillable packaging. Read more

Church & Dwight, a major manufacturer of leading household products, has announced the opening of Discovery House, a dedicated Research & Development Centre in Folkestone, Kent. Read more

Electronic tracking of medication, flexible electronic connectivity, and battery-free sensor tags? These all sound like they are straight from an alternate universe in a Philip K. Dick novel; however, innovation today in the real world is smart. Read more

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