Innovation Spotlight

Addressing the need to find new sustainable solutions, monta, a German manufacturer and one of the leading suppliers of self-adhesive tape for packaging and industrial applications worldwide, has launched a new self-adhesive tape, monta biopack®. Read more

For over 60 years, Elopak has had a continual focus on innovation to improve and enhance the Pure-Pak® carton’s functionality, differentiation and sustainability. Read more

Climate change is driving a movement toward more sustainable products, and coffee brands in particular are tuned into the topic. Read more

Propyls from Oxea, n‑propanol, n-propyl acetate or mixtures thereof, are a direct 1:1 substitute for conventional ethanol and ethyl acetate blends (Ethyls). Read more

The market for glass bottles is estimated to continually thrive over the next few years. This especially holds true for the beer market but also for other categories, such as water, juices and carbonated soft drinks (CSD). Read more

The Gabriel-Chemie Group will once again be present at K2019 in Hall 5, Booth B40, sharing a new booth design as well as numerous new, innovative solutions and product demonstrations. The main topics up are digitalisation and sustainabilty. Read more

Innovation is usually perceived as being related to an additional feature on an existing product or service, or a totally new conception on a part or an industrial equipment. Read more

With its pioneering developments in the field of marking technology, REINER’s marking devices can print on almost any surface without difficulty: packaging, wood or cardboard. Read more

Introducing a simple, quick process for the production of flexo printing plates that eliminates the need for solvent, as the system does not require any hazardous substances, and requires minimal space Read more

The Parcel Shipping Index has predicted that 13 of the most active parcel shipping nations alone, including Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the USA, China and Japan, will be generating an annual volume of 100 billion parcels in 2020. Read more

Since 1991 PakTech has sought to create packaging solutions manufacturers can get behind—packaging handles that are at once aesthetically pleasing and that have minimal impact on the environment. Read more

Packaging and manufacturing and have changed beyond recognition since 1951 when Tetra Pak launched its iconic carton in Lund, Sweden. What was once solely about product protection and functionality is now increasingly about connectivity Read more

Merck Spectraval TM pearl effect pigments have been launched to open up new realms of printing possibilities. Read more

There is an urgent need to address packaging waste, a challenge that is widely acknowledged. The challenge has been finding solutions. A new material now makes recycling an option for previously hard-to-recycle high-barrier packaging Read more

Rovema's packaging system SBS 250 TWIN is a combination of two BVC vertical continuous Form Fill and Seal machines and integrated downstream systems for bag top and bag closure designs. The packages can individually be adjusted to the market situatio Read more

With the Laetus Unified Platform (UP) 1.2, track & trace pioneer Laetus is launching a new version of its inspection and traceability platform. Read more

2019 is set to be a key year for the launch of new, more sustainable material structures by plastic converters aiming to comply with the new European Strategy for Plastics – introduced to ensure all plastic packaging is 100% recyclable by 2030. Read more


Tubettificio Favia is proud to present the latest addition to its collapsible aluminium tubes range: ToBeNaturAl, the completely green evolution of ToBeUnique. Read more

Scientific studies have shown that light of any kind – whether in the supermarket, refrigerator, kitchen, or through a window – can cause food, beverages, and cosmetic products to degrade faster – often before they meet the expiration date. Read more

Hardly a day passes by without the topic of sustainability being discussed in the media. As a result, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with sustainability issues whilst expecting their brands to keep up with their changing attitudes. Read more

Innovation Spotlight

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