Innovation Spotlight

Meeting the demands of the ever-changing customer needs combined with a fast evolution of technology, markets are forced to adapt quickly and to change the way they operate. more

Amcor has proven its game-changing LiquiForm® technology with the commercialisation of the first consumer package. more

Squid Ink has introduced its new CoPilot® hi-resolution ink jet printing system. The CoPilot is an affordable solution for printing hi-resolution characters and other product information directly on porous or non-porous products. more

TUBALL™ nanotubes can dramatically improve the properties of the majority of materials used in industry. OCSiAl is taking the lead in the developing of numerous dispersion technologies that allow customers to integrate TUBALL™ into their products more

Garçon Wines has launched their wine bottle design, manufactured by award-winning RPC M&H Plastics in the UK. more

One of the main challenges for repro houses and printers nowadays is finding the balance between quality and cost. Packaging Europe takes a look at two recent innovations from Flint Group aimed at bridging this tension. more

SP Group has unveiled a new advance on its VSteam bag solution, significantly boosting its suitability for the convenience food segment. New techniques ensure that the bag can withstand pasteurisation and sterilisation and then be microwaved more

Squid Ink Manufacturing has introduced its new CoPilot® 500 Inkjet Printing System, which is designed to print superior quality high-resolution characters on porous surfaces for versatile coding and marking applications more

Bio4pack and TIPA were exactly what organic grains company, De Halm, was looking for. Together, they were able to develop a compostable packaging solution, and a long-term relationship, that has proven to be an overall success. more

Pont Packaging has launched an innovative new infusion cap system which adds a subtle design twist to the packaging and presentation of bottled sports nutrition products such as energy drinks and supplements more

Innovation Spotlight

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