Fast food lovers are saying Bonjour to crepes and waving goodbye to the humble chip, according to a North East packaging expert. Read more

Mondi has joined forces with Unilever to deliver an innovative new polypropylene (PP) mono-material solution in Turkey for its Knorr dry soup powder range. Read more

Ana Juraga, corporate communications manager at Cortec® Corporation, talks about the importance of sustainable solutions in the area of VCI packaging. Read more

Coveris, a European manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions, is launching a new sustainable and high-performance version of its CPP film. Read more

Martin Berlekamp, Head of Sustainability at Schur Flexibles Group, discusses the sustainability initiatives his firm is undertaking. Read more

Fin Slater spoke to CuanTec to see if its bioplastic solution might be able to function as a viable alternative to standard plastic food wraps Read more

Packaging machinery specialist ILAPAK has collaborated with manufacturer Van der Windt Verpakking to develop a “breakthrough” bagging solution. Read more

Scientists at McMaster University have developed a self-cleaning surface that can reportedly repel all forms of bacteria Read more

David Barnes, business development manager at Skymark, a manufacturer of recyclable cast & blown films that supplies a range of products into the food and hygiene market sectors, is up next answering our Rapid Interview questions. Read more

A series of new studies has reportedly shown that Walki’s Bioska films completely biodegrade within 6 months Read more

DOMO Film Solutions has announced that it will start sourcing 100% renewable energy for the production of its nylon film from January 2020 Read more

By 2030 all plastic packaging within the EU will need to be recyclable or reusable. But the devil of how this goal can be achieved lies in the detail. Read more

The 14th European Bioplastics Conference, which took place on the 3rd and 4th of December, saw a strong focus on growth and innovation Read more

GEA product experts demonstrated the technology group’s solutions for the sustainability sector at this year’s Packaging Days, staged in November. Read more

The rush to leave plastics behind has the potential to cause increased environmental impact. In the mad dash to replace plastics, it’s important that we remember the “job we are hiring packaging to do”. Read more

Bischof and Klein stopped by at FachPack to tell us about their award-winning sustainable thin-film application, made from 30% post-consumer waste Read more

Demand for mono-materials in packaging has been growing as the industry moves from a linear to a circular economy. Read more

CEFLEX has launched an open consultation to hear from the wider flexible packaging industry and other interested parties Read more

GEA and Schur Flexibles discuss their collaboration to realise the FoodTray: a hybrid, separable cardboard/plastic solution Read more

Düsseldorf’s giant K show is the world’s biggest plastics event, and its three-yearly cycle serves as a snapshot of how the industry is shifting. Tim Sykes visited K 2019 to pick out some key packaging trends and takeaways. Read more

Tim Sykes caught up with Tony Kingsbury, director of sustainability EMEA, Dow Packaging & Specialist Plastics, at K 2019 to discuss how Dow defines the environmental challenges facing packaging, and where it can insert itself to make a difference. Read more

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