The European glass packaging industry announces “Close the Glass Loop” - a programme to boost EU glass 'collection for recycling' rates to 90% by 2030. Read more

Last year saw great strides in the construction of a circular economy in plastics, mapping out how to marry design for recycling with a viable market for PCR. But some suggest that even universal recycling of plastics would be no panacea. Read more

Glass packaging production in Europe grew by 1% in volume (tonnes) and by 1% in unit terms in the first half year 2018 compared to the previous half year according to data published by the European Container Glass Federation, FEVE . Read more

Michel Giannuzzi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Verallia Group has been elected Vice-President of FEVE – the European Container Glass Federation - at its FEVE General Meeting in Rotterdam on June 15th. Read more

Latest industry data on glass recycling show that the average glass recycling rate in the EU28 is steady at 74%. Read more

On Wednesday, EU deputy ambassadors were briefed on the deal reached on Monday by negotiators on the EU waste package. Read more

Strong production growth in 2016 represents a significant increase above the historic average growth rates for glass packaging. Read more

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