Packaging is indispensable to ensure the shelf life of food products. It protects the product from damaging influences and prevents the development of microbes that are harmful to health. more

Counterfeit medications can put lives in danger, besides causing financial losses for the manufacturers. This is why companies and legislators around the world are working on solutions to ensure 100% traceability and product protection. more

In September 2018 FachPack, the European trade fair for packaging, processes and technology, will go into its next round of events. And since October 2017, it has had a new face at the helm, in the shape of Cornelia Fehlner. more

Whether described as Industry 4.0, a smart factory concept or expanding the Internet of Things to industrial applications, all these generally refer to the same thing: the networking and digitalisation of production more

Today it is nearly impossible for any industry to do business without Internet-based commerce. Shipped products naturally have to be packaged appropriately to ensure that they can be stacked, for example, and to prevent damage to valuable contents. more

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