The first-ever line of shelf-stable, “mix-to-drink” probiotic beverages is hitting U.S. shelves thanks to an innovative concept that relies on Emerson’s Branson spin-welding technology to create a breakthrough cap design more

6 Oct 2017 08:47 1 Comments

As an independent subsidiary company of Emerson Electric, Branson is an industry leader the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of plastic joining, ultrasonic processes and ultrasonic metal welding equipment. more

18 May 2017 14:45

Ultrasonic plastics assembly solutions improve packaging for multiple products with geometrical complexity. more

25 Apr 2017 08:00

With its headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), Emerson is a global technology and engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial and residential markets. more

3 Apr 2017 09:20

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