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Together with other single use packaging items, single use coffee cups have received negative media attention in recent years. Does this mean that consumers are actually keen to seek out alternatives? Read more

The current economic climate has created a challenging environment whilst also redefining possibilities for businesses and competitors. With a major shift in consumer demand, there is a need for retail, brand and supplier companies to change. Read more

As the UK parliament debates the Brexit withdrawal agreement Elisabeth Skoda reviews the multiple reasons that Packaging Europe strongly advocates continued cooperation and integration between European countries Read more

Elisabeth Skoda looks at the ways in which Industry 4.0 and smart solutions have helped companies become more energy efficient and keep track of what happens at their production sites. Read more

AR Packaging has presented a gas tight pressed board tray packaging for chilled foods as a replacement of plastic trays, which the company says is the first on the market and offers an efficient solution well suited for giving a shelf life of at leas Read more



ALDI Nord and ALDI SÜD in Germany are rolling out an initiative to provide easy to understand information about the correct separation of recyclable materials on all their own brands. Read more

Phrases that recur when talking to glass manufacturers is that their product is natural, safe, infinitely recyclability and environmentally friendly. Read more

According to statistics, one in nine people on the planet suffer from hunger, and 98 per cent of these people live in countries where over 40 per cent of food gets lost after harvest, not least because it is poorly packaged. Read more

Honeywell  has unveiled Aclar Accel, a new thermoformable barrier film for pharmaceutical packaging that the company says provides faster service to companies at a lower cost while maintaining patient safety. Read more

At AIPIA’s 2018 annual congress one message became very clear: the smart packaging industry has taken major steps forward, and smart innovations have grown from an interesting novelty to a reliable tool that slots neatly into our connected world. Read more

In this week’s video recap we explore the issue of SUP bans and accessibility, Virginia Tech’s research into super slippery packaging and the latest trends in the intralogistics industry at Logimat. Read more

Our writers share their predictions for the trends that will define the coming year in food and drink packaging. Read more

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Major intralogistics trade show LogiMAT takes place in Stuttgart on 19-21 February 2019. Elisabeth Skoda catches up with LogiMAT’s project director Michael Ruchty to find out more about what to expect in the industry in 2019. Read more

Mario Abreu, Tetra Pak's sustainability VP, talks to Packaging Europe about the biggest sustainability challenges the packaging industry faces, and outlines opportunities and solutions. Read more

The purpose of packaging is to protect products, provide information and to help market and sell products. However, on occasion, brands and retailers can take the marketing and selling aspect of packaging too far. Read more

FRUIT LOGISTICA covers every sector of the fresh produce business and aims to provide a complete picture of the latest innovations, products and services at every link in the international supply chain. Read more

On the occasion of the official completion of the first phase of the PROVIDES project, Bernard de Galembert, CEPI’s innovation director, tells Packaging Europe about the progress of CEPI’s 2050 roadmap. Read more

Video interview: The launch of O-I : EXPRESSIONS was one of the most exciting developments in the glass packaging market in 2018. Packaging Europe travelled to O-I's European headquarters to find out more. Read more

On January 1st, 2019, the new German Packaging Law comes into force. Packaging Europe takes a look at what German companies and those selling their packaging into Germany have to bear in mind, and how companies and associations have been preparing. Read more

A Christmassy theme for for this week's video roundup, with a look at a festive beer can, a whisky advent calendar and chocolate Santa Claus wrapping. Read more

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