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Join Packaging Europe for a webinar with Bostik, exploring the benefits of recyclable, compostable and bio-based hot-melt adhesives for cardboard packaging on March 24th, 2020 at 15:00 GMT. Read more

Colgate has just launched its “Smile for Good” toothpaste in Europe in a tube made with HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), a polymer that is widely used for milk containers and other plastic bottles and is recyclable. Read more


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eXXpedition is an all-female sailing voyage and scientific research mission with a goal to research the impact of plastic pollution in the ocean. Read more

The Packaging Europe team is excited to announce the launch of a brand new website and magazine - Touchpoints! Read more

2020 is the year that interpack is back – and the world’s largest packaging event is set to be bigger and better than ever. Read more

Ana Juraga, corporate communications manager at Cortec® Corporation, talks about the importance of sustainable solutions in the area of VCI packaging. Read more

Ahead of Fruit Logistica, which takes place from February 5th to February 7th, 2020 in Berlin, we catch up with senior product manager Madlen Miserius, to find out more about industry specific trends and challenges, and what visitors can expect. Read more

David Barnes, business development manager at Skymark, a manufacturer of recyclable cast & blown films that supplies a range of products into the food and hygiene market sectors, is up next answering our Rapid Interview questions. Read more

By 2030 all plastic packaging within the EU will need to be recyclable or reusable. But the devil of how this goal can be achieved lies in the detail. Read more

Supply chains have become increasingly complex in recent years. Elisabeth Skoda questions how innovation in packaging technology, digitalisation and industry 4.0 can support an efficient supply chain. Read more

Demand for mono-materials in packaging has been growing as the industry moves from a linear to a circular economy. Read more

What is new in the area of smart packaging? Elisabeth Skoda looks at just a few of the latest developments in the sector. Read more

Packaging Europe visited O-I's facility in Chazelles-sur-Lyon in France to find out more about O-I : EXPRESSIONS, the late-stage customisation service for glass, and some recent, innovative applications for the technology. Read more

At Labelexpo, we speak to Piet Saegeman, content strategist at CHILI Publish, and find out about the company's flagship software, CHILI Publisher and how it facilitates the creation of omnichannel material for various markets. Read more

Propyls from Oxea, n‑propanol, n-propyl acetate or mixtures thereof, are a direct 1:1 substitute for conventional ethanol and ethyl acetate blends (Ethyls). Read more

On Thursday, McDonald’s announced a programme the company says aims to remove and minimise plastic and improve recyclability in packaging across Europe. Read more

In the latest instalment of our Sustainability Awards gold sponsor video interviews, Maria de Guia Blanco Ramos, SP Group's director of R&D Projects, talks about sustainability challenges and solutions. Read more

According to research by Lavazza, over a third of UK residents admit to throwing their used coffee capsules into the bin because they don’t know how to properly dispose of them. Read more

The market for glass bottles is estimated to continually thrive over the next few years. This especially holds true for the beer market but also for other categories, such as water, juices and carbonated soft drinks (CSD). Read more

In this video interview, Amcor's strategic marketing manager Carlos Trubacz talks about how the company, a Sustainabiilty Awards gold sponsor, aims to deliver responsible packaging through innovation. Read more

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