On 31st August 2017 Dow and DuPont came together in one of the largest mergers in corporate history. On the eve of the transaction, Tim Sykes visited DuPont in Geneva to profile one half of the new power couple looming over the packaging value chain. more

2 Oct 2017 08:41

Packaging Europe has announced the winners of its third annual Sustainability Awards, celebrating innovation and creativity that makes significant environmental advances across the CPG supply chain. more

5 Jul 2017 10:45

Sustainability in Packaging Europe 2017 shares Dr. Karlheinz Hausmann's views on industry challenges ahead of his presentation. more

5 Jul 2017 10:26

The market is well aware that packaging prevents more waste than in creates. However, few dispute the merits of the circular economy principle, nor those of reducing waste without damaging functionality – a goal which has driven huge advances. more

4 Jul 2017 10:40

The sustainability of plastic packaging has traditionally presented challenges.Up until recently, some of the most effective solutions when it comes to preserving food and reducing food waste have proved among the more difficult to recycle. more

3 Jul 2017 10:53

DuPont has announced its 2017 winners of the DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation, honouring companies that have demonstrated major advancements in packaging technology. more

23 May 2017 09:03

More dispatches from the festival of packaging more

5 May 2017 22:36