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As we reported earlier this year, DS Smith has launched a new line of packaging options known as Loop Ready Packaging (LRP), currently being showcased at FachPack 2019. Read more

For Amazon vendors and sellers, time is running out to meet the online retailer’s Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) standard, before they’re hit with financial penalties. Read more

DS Smith has called on independent businesses across the UK to help stop coffee cup waste as it launches a brand-new scheme which it says could see hundreds of millions of cups recycled each year. Read more

DS Smith Plastics has launched a new line of packaging options known as Loop Ready Packaging (LRP). LRPs are robust, re-usable, returnable, and fully recyclable packaging options that deliver 'incredible benefits'. Read more

According to AkzoNobel ReColour report, 13% of paint is wasted every year and 99% of that paint is either burnt or buried in landfills. Read more

For the first time ever, and around two months earlier than it was 20 years ago, the 29th July 2019 was Earth Overshoot Day. Read more

DS Smith Plastics’ Injection Moulding Business contacted Eco-Point BVBA to develop a safe and ecological alternative for the thinner used to remove ink during the screen printing of crates. Read more

Alan Potts, Design & Innovations Director at DS Smith puts forward his view on augmented reality. Read more

How can you navigate the risks & challenges to realise the opportunities of the Chinese pharma market? Listen on-demand to the recent webinar hosted by Packaging Europe and DS Smith - and download the exclusive, complimentary report Read more

This week's video highlights look at our two upcoming webinars with Bostik and DS Smith and looks at a new packaging made from orange peels. Read more

Victoria Hattersley spoke to Emmanuel Pascart, Head of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices business at DS Smith, and Andreas Guip, Managing Director of DS Smith China, to find out about the unique challenges associated with China's pharma market. Read more

DS Smith Plastics, Injection Moulding business segment has launched a new line of packaging options known as Loop Ready Packaging (LRP). Read more

DS Smith is trialling what it says is the world’s very first water-resistant, compostable bird box made from recycled cardboard. Read more

An expanded polypropylene (EPP) tote offers outstanding insulation helping to reduce food wastage, they are easy and comfortable to handle, and their lightweight reduces carbon emissions and transportation costs. Read more

Visit booth #7G 190 at All4Pack to see a wide variety of DS Smith Plastics, Rapak’s flexible bags and filling equipment options and Worldwide Dispensers´ taps. Read more

DS Smith Plastics Bilzen has designed a returnable pack that fits inside reusable crates and can be stacked without a crate. The innovation was launched at BrauBeviale in Nuremberg in Germany. Read more

DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products announced today the launch of a new feature to their AkyPak Advanced sub-brand of Returnable Containers. Read more

DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products France announced today the launch of AkyPure® − a new line of extruded polypropylene packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. Read more

Over a third (34%) of global retail business leaders admit that the packages they ship worldwide are at least double the size of the actual product inside, a global study by DS Smith has revealed. Read more

Packaging Europe has announced the top four submissions in each of the six categories of the Sustainability Awards 2018, as judged by the seventeen-strong, independent jury representing the breadth of the European packaging value chain. Read more

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