Cortec Corporation

EcoCortec® d.o.o. is proud to announce that it is the first bioplastics plant in Croatia and is a partner in the €1.95 million European BIOCOMPACK project. more

Manufacturers often protect metal parts from corrosion by using rust preventatives or coatings. These protective layers, applied directly to the metal part, create a barrier between the metal surface and surrounding oxygen. more

Moisture is a major threat to raw materials and finished goods of all kinds—particularly those made of metal and prone to rust and corrosion. more

Due to continuous increase in demand, EcoCortec- a producer of VpCI® fims and bags is increasing its capacities by building a new plant facility. more

Cortec® demonstrates ingenuity and innovation with the introduction of EcoWeave®, a highly durable tarp-like film that protects expensive, heavy raw metal materials and finished products against corrosion. more

High-tech VpCI® and EcoSonic® custom converted papers in rolls and sheets are now available from Croatian EcoCortec® plant just in time in any quantity from 100 to 1,000,000 sheets. more

Cortec® Corporation produces a suite of innovative packaging materials that are silent but powerful tools to protect metal goods from corrosion. more

Cortec® Corporation is ready to make corrosion protection more convenient by producing custom-made CorrTainer® boxes in any quantity at Cortec® Coated Products in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. more

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