For 2 years CEFLEX worked quietly on mapping a flexibles circular economy. Now it's ready to share its detailed vision and direction of travel. Tim Sykes was privileged as the first journalist to attend its general meeting – and left deeply impressed Read more

The technological and social revolutions of the past few decades have completely reshaped industry. The food packaging and palletising industry is no exception. Read more


Sustainability is complicated, and when it comes to packaging, it can manifest itself in many ways and on many levels. Read more

Barbara Operschall from the Austrian company SpeechCode explains to Elisabeth Skoda how a simple on-pack code can give consumers valuable product information via their smartphones without the need to be connected to the internet. Read more


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Quadpack Industries will be presenting new collections within a theme-based approach, and each one expresses the needs and desires of consumers through virtual personalities. Read more

K 2019 makes the case for plastics and highlight advances in recycling innovation. Read more

We must continuously innovate – or someone else will. Everywhere we can see how 21st century computing power has driven innovation and reduced costs – but not everywhere in the plastics industry, as David Russell reports. Read more

Bruce Funnell, head of packaging for global confectionery at Nestlé and Louise Codling, CEO of The National Skills Academy for Food and Drink, discuss the skills shortage within the packaging industry with Libby White. Read more

Excellis Health is a provider of strategy and implementation consulting services within the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries. Read more

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) has surveyed its members in a flash poll that mirrored the ‘indicative votes’ that MP’s voted for in the House of Commons on Wednesday 27 March. Read more

On March 27th, the European Parliament approved the Single-Use Plastics directive. Packaging Europe has gathered reactions from various industry associations. Read more

On the occasion of the 14th German packaging congress in Berlin, the German Packaging Institute (dvi) has surveyed consumers about their opinion about plastics, packaging and sustainability. Read more

What is next for digitization and Industry 4.0? Five questions for Dr.-Ing. Matthias Schopp, head of Engineering Systems at KHS in Bad Kreuznach in Germany. Read more

In this week's weekly video news roundup, we look at trends and developments in the pouch market from lightweighting to recyclability, find out about a new mobility aid masterbatch and explore the dangers of simplistic media messages for packaging. Read more

Everyone should be alert to the dangers of simplistic reliance on headline metrics, argues Sanjay Patel, founding partner of the Packaging Collective. Read more


Together with other single use packaging items, single use coffee cups have received negative media attention in recent years. Does this mean that consumers are actually keen to seek out alternatives? Read more

Craig Jones, VP enterprise sales engineering, PRISYM ID, share how to avoid costly and inefficient labelling recalls. Read more

Dr. Ulrich Nehring, a food technologist and former head of Nehring Institute explores challenges and solutions when it comes to packing sensitive baby food. Read more

Given the increasingly volatile political and economic environment, manufacturers understand the need to plan for uncertainty and find ways of maximising efficiency in the way they run their operations Read more

The current economic climate has created a challenging environment whilst also redefining possibilities for businesses and competitors. With a major shift in consumer demand, there is a need for retail, brand and supplier companies to change. Read more

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