Amazon’s Frustration-Free Packaging vendor incentive program has landed in Europe. Tim Sykes spoke with Dr Kim Houchens, Amazon’s director, Customer Packaging Experience, to discuss the aims and far-reaching implications of this initiative. more

Targeting increasingly adventurous consumers, set on new discoveries and experiences, will be key to developments in the food and beverage industry in 2019. more

Two biopolymer scientists talk about creating a plastic substitute more

Elisabeth Skoda looks at key trends in area of closures and dispensing systems, and explores how key industry players are working to address challenges such as convenience, sustainability and connectivity. more

Following the announcement that 250 major stakeholders have signed up to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s groundbreaking pledge, Tim Sykes spoke to Sander Defruyt (lead, New Plastics Economy initiative) about the vision and its practical implications more

It’s hard to decipher exactly where the term barbecue came from. Legend has it, upon arriving in the Caribbean, the Spanish used the word barbacoa to describe the native method of slow-cooking meat. more

The way people buy has shifted over the past decade and is likely to continue to evolve for some time to come. more

Key factors such as seasonality, varied consumer behaviour, and novel production technology tend to make the ice cream packaging business a different animal from other consumer packaging sectors. more

Corrugated cardboard boxes have been the backbone of e-commerce for some time. The engineered paper product has a highly designed construction, which enables it to carry a wide range of weights - from food products to books and electronics. more

As a way to boost sales and outshine competitors, brands should consider using seasonal packaging through the festive months. more

Anti-counterfeit measures through product serialisation laws triggered the significant transformation of the healthcare industry, turning regulatory compliance into the top priority in 2018. more

A Q&A with Rob Day, CEO Tonejet, exploring the benefits of direct printing to cans and what lies behind the increase in demand. more

A comment piece by Noel Morrin, EVP and head of sustainability at Stora Enso. more

Where did this product come from? It is a simple question that is fuelling a new era of fully transparent and traceable products. Consumers want to buy healthy, quality food that they can trust. more

On Wednesday, October 10th, retailers and manufacturers gathered at the Museum of London Docklands for the 2018 Packaging Trends and Innovations Conference. more

Omron has opened a new Robotic Innovation Lab at the company’s UK headquarters in Milton Keynes. Elisabeth Skoda speaks to the company's marketing manager Dan Rossek to find out more. more

Steve Lister, head of retail performance at Konica Minolta Marketing Services explores how simple changes in packaging and retail environments can make shopping a better experience for older customers. more

Marsha Frydrychowsk, director of marketing services at Resource Label Group, explores how brand managers can make sure that they choose the right label face stock for their product. more

When selecting materials for a wine label, choosing the right facestock leads to a strongly conveyed brand vision, optimum performance in its intended environment and allows for eye-catching customization options. more

A new film from the VDI Zentrum Ressourceneffizienz depicts an optimised sorting method depicts an improved sorting and processing method for valuable plastics, bringing the plastics life cycle full circle more

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