John Haken, director at W.F. Denny, discusses the problem of packaging waste in the catering industry and asks what businesses can do to address this. Read more

Tim Sykes talks to Nestlé's Sokhna Gueye about the brand owner's sustainability challenges, the value chain collaborations and innovation required to meet them, and her experiences as an active participant in the CEFLEX project. Read more

Angelika Christ, Fefco’s Secretary General, explores the circular economy potential of the humble cardboard box. Read more

The scope of augmented reality is being explored by inquisitive minds in the industry, dedicating time and effort to research and accrue knowledge of the most valuable ways AR can be applied to the packaging sector. Read more

Three experts share their insights into the use of blockchain as an avenue to counter disruption in the supply chain and more. Read more

Oliver Pittock, managing director of pharmaceutical packaging supplier, Valley Northern, examines the areas of pharmaceutical packaging that require special attention, and how it can contribute towards a future of safer medication. Read more

For the first time ever, and around two months earlier than it was 20 years ago, the 29th July 2019 was Earth Overshoot Day. Read more

Petr Franc, divisional director for security at IQ Structures, discusses the increasing sophistication of hologram technology and how it can be used for brand protection as well as decoration. Read more

What are the most significant traceability challenges across the food supply chain and how can the industry address these? We spoke to Grant Cochrane, CEO of Oritain, to get his perspective on the subject. Read more

Dr Tim Foreman, European R & D Manager, Omron Industrial Automation, highlights 3 key issues that are involved in implementing AI; how it can improve processes and production, and if cloud or edge computing should be implemented. Read more

Gordon Alexander and Simon Jones outline how imminent changes to EU clinical trial regulations will have major implications for labelling processes. Read more

With the topic of climate change on the rise, and statistics revealing that only 30% of Europe's plastic is recycled, the demand among consumers for products and packaging made with sustainable packaging continues to grow. Read more

The summary of results from Defra’s consultation into a deposit return scheme for England, Wales and Northern Ireland has been welcomed by world-leading reverse vending company, TOMRA Collection Solutions. Read more

Proposed changes to one of the UK’s most widely-used packaging labelling schemes are promising, but they should not act as a substitute to better, more nationally consistent kerbside recycling collections, warns Lorax Compliance. Read more

Rising up to address escalating concerns, key industry players in the packaging sphere aim to fill in the vast gaps - just one crucial sector of the UK’s industry that may be greatly affected by this risk-filled strategy. Read more

Adem Kulauzovic, Director of Coding Automation, Domino, explains how integrated and automated coding and marking reduces costly product recalls Read more

Ken Moir, VP Marketing, NiceLabel explores solutions to today's labelling challenges Read more

Elisabeth Skoda speaks to several industry experts to shine a spotlight on just a few of the recent developments that showcase robots’ potential in the industry. Read more

Sean Riley, senior director, media and industry communications, PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, explores the evolution of digital printing and explains why it is poised to "pop". Read more

Our weekly packaging highlights, featuring a conceptual green design for green fingered applications, an acquisition with big implications for rigid plastics globally, and a German collaboration to explore potential for (edible?) seaweed packaging. Read more

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