Velox Ltd.'s proprietary DTS-Inkjet technology, based on uniquely formulated inks and dedicated deposition architecture, introduces an entirely new approach to digital printing. more

Ahead of FachPack one of Germany's leading packaging voices, Dr Thomas Reiner (chair of the dvi, CEO of Berndt+ Partner and 2018 Sustainability Awards judge), speaks to Elisabeth Skoda about the environmental challenges facing the industry more

An independent industry survey has revealed that advances in manufacturing has had the biggest influence on packaging over the last 30 years, but sustainability will be key to future trends. more

Starting from the dosing and packaging or filling of the product up to the palletizing of large packaging units, modern packaging lines integrate multiple work stations, whose specific tasks are fulfilled in a modular manner by separate machines. more

Over a third (34%) of global retail business leaders admit that the packages they ship worldwide are at least double the size of the actual product inside, a global study by DS Smith has revealed. more

Setting minimum targets for recycled content in food packaging may sound like a good idea, but could lead to overall less efficient use of resources if material types and their applications are not carefully considered, cautions Richard McKinlay more

Packaging Europe has announced the top four submissions in each of the six categories of the Sustainability Awards 2018, as judged by the seventeen-strong, independent jury representing the breadth of the European packaging value chain. more

Amid increased consumer demand for more streamlined and sustainable packaging, manufacturers face the challenge of creating solutions that retain brand recognition while producing less waste. more


Image credit: Carmel Klein (designer, Anthem Benelux)

Anthem Benelux takes a look at a selection of brands who it deems worthy of hero status as warriors for good. more

As the problems recently suffered by KFC and DHL have highlighted, changing key suppliers can be a risky business. Joe Hebblewhite from LPR (La Palette Rouge), a specialist pallet pooling company, offers some advice on getting it right. more

Michael Norkitis, project manager at 3D Systems, talks about the possibilities and benefits of 3D printing in packaging, and the technology's sustainability benefits. more

One year ago, Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) and Coca-Cola GB (CCGB) presented their Sustainable Packaging Strategy. Elisabeth Skoda finds out from CCEP’s Head of Sustainability, Nick Brown, if the company is on track. more




More and more people are getting their information from the Internet instead of printed newspapers, magazines and brochures; increasingly, they are also ordering products online. more

For processors, one of the most promising industrial internet of things (IIoT) tools is the vision system. Combining a 3D camera with vision software and a robot arm enables facilities to automate bin picking. more

Thierry Protas, Global Pharma Director at Videojet Technologies, looks at the importance of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) legislation, the looming 2018 cut off point for compliance, and how coding and marking is a key consideration. more

Increasing urbanization, smaller household sizes and an ageing population are fundamentally changing the expectations for food and pharmaceutical packaging. more

Eric Schultz, VP, Business Development, SGK explains how connected experience design is changing the packaging landscape and how it can enhance your packaging strategy. more

Every year, the world wastes an incredible amount of food — 2.9 trillion pounds to be exact, according to figures published by the United Nations. more

Companies use a host of tools and processes such as quality control checks and returns tracking reports to keep damage rates at “acceptable” levels, which is usually two to eight percent. Oftentimes, damage is just written off as a loss. more

According to a recent survey, the majority of Germans feels unable to objectively judge packaging and feels that there is a lack of information. more

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