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M&S own-brand salad dressings are now being sold in smaller, more stylish bottles made by Beatson Clark after research showed that consumers found themselves throwing too much dressing away. Read more

Hot drinks in a carton from SIG; breakthrough in paper batteries from BillerudKorsnäs & Uppsala University; and the new bottle from Beatson Clark & Kolibri Drinks with sugar in a dosing cap. Read more

Beatson Clark has developed a bespoke bottle for the sparkling botanical beverage brand Kolibri Drinks, allowing consumers to control the amount of sugar in their drink by storing it in the cap of the bottle rather than mixed in the liquid. Read more

The craft beer sector is booming in Italy, so the new CRAFT BEER ITALY conference and exhibition in Milan is an ideal opportunity for Beatson Clark to showcase its products and services. Read more

The craft spirits sector is booming – and some artisan distillers are turning to Beatson Clark’s new apothecary range of bottles to ensure their product stands out on the shelf. Read more

The quintessential British soft drink Vimto® has been available in the Middle East for almost a century, and sales surge during the holy Muslim month of Ramadan. Read more

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