The RECIPAM project, funded by the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI), is developing new recycling methods for multilayer food packaging to improve the quality of the resulting materials so they can be incorporated into high value-added applications. Read more

Nuria García Batista, a researcher at the AIMPLAS Food Contact Department and Elena Aurecchia Giménez, a researcher at the AIMPLAS Chemical Laboratory, look at the issue of antimony migration in PET bottles. Read more

The most important global competition promoting sustainable packaging innovation is open for submissions. A short introduction to the biggest Sustainability Awards to date. Read more

The RepescaPlas Project has completed its first year with more than 3,000 kilos of marine litter collected from the Galician and Valencian coasts. Read more

Co-organized by AINIA and AIMPLAS, the IV edition of this technology event of the plastics sector will take place on 29 and 30 May 2019. Read more

The project BIOVEGE, in which AIMPLAS participates, has resulted in new biodegradable films and nets for horticultural products and food colourants and additives from waste coming from products harvested in the field of Almería. Read more

The project MIPLASCOE, framed within the call Innterconecta, seeks to recover the wastes generated in the orange juice sector productive activity through the extraction of different monomers by microbial fermentation and synthesis of biopolyesters. Read more


AIMPLAS - Charo Pascual

AIMPLAS has started the project NEMOSINE, which will allow to protect visual and sound memories produced between 1895 and 1970 that are now at risk due to the instability of the formats that were used in its registration. Read more

The project Bio+, in which companies manufacturing single-use products, led by the bag manufacturer PICDA and coordinated by AIMPLAS, in collaboration with other centres and universities, will allow to develop customised compostable materials. Read more

The LIFE RECYPACK project will implement a new public-private waste management project for commercial plastic packages in line with the circular economy criteria. Read more

AIMPLAS coordinates the European project REFUCOAT, whose main objective is to develop new materials for food packaging in a more sustainable way. Read more

Plásticos Romero, in collaboration with AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, is working on a project to tackle, from a sustainable point of view, the production of manufactured packages from complex structures. Read more

The project MIPLASCOE aims to produce biopolyesters by using fermentation from wastes of the orange juice industry for the manufacturing of elements for the rail industry and bottles to package the juice itself Read more

AIMPLAS takes part in the project CLIPP+, led by the British firm SKYMARK, whose objective is to achieve a new technology to recycle printed films and remove odours and contaminant substances. Read more

Technological innovation is the key to provide a personalised and functional response to convenience or comfort criteria that prevail in the purchase decision of the final consumer. Read more

The project Bread4PLA, coordinated by AIMPLAS, has been awarded with one of the two Green Awards in the category of Environment that the European Commission has given as one of the best LIFE projects of the last 25 years. Read more

The European project KARMA 2020, where AIMPLAS participates, will develop a waste valorization technology in the poultry industry to obtain new biodegradable packages. Read more

This paper reviews the current situation of recycled plastic materials in food contact applications, showing the different opportunities currently available to use recycled plastics as food contact materials. Read more

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